WPD Travel Kit -water Purifier set

WPD Travel Kit -water Purifier set

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These small kits include 1 - 2 oz. bottle of the WP and 1 - 2 oz. bottle citric acid liquid (activator).

Ingredients: Sodium Chlorite 28% and distilled water

Activator is 50/50% food grade citric acid and distilled water


These Travel kits of the Water Purification drops are priced at $17 each.  Give them as gifts. Take the kit on trips and be safe.

Purify your drinking water. WP kills water parasites. Chlorine dioxide has been used as a purifier for 80+ years.

(Note:Jim Humble's MMS is under attack because he used the name "miracle" in the name of his miracle mineral solution) Chlorine dioxide has been used for 80 years by travelers, camper and hikers as water purification for drinking water.

This is easily carried on the airplanes while traveling to purify water.