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The Top Seller Best Sellers community brings the mission of the Assembly of CEH to the internet. 
Our community is interested in your spiritual growth and holistic well-being as God intended for His/Her children. He never meant for us to suffer or become slaves to kings or corporations. Roi and Taylore have gotten rid of Lyme disease using some of these products. They care about you regaining your stamina using simple natural procedures that will build up your immune system from the cells up. If you need medical advice please seek an MD to provide that service.
The Assembly of CEH (Cosmic Energetic Healing)
1673 S. Market Blvd, #143
Chehalis, WA 98532
Tel. 360-748-4426 
Anyone can join our alternative health community, it was created directly under God for health and healing, not a 501-C3, not under any country, state or corporation, these church sacrements are God sanctioned and completely outside of any permissions, authority, control of the state, federal US, or their territories, the established directly under the CHURCH OF GOD AND APOSTILE. The products are church sacrements for God's children of all ages; they do not reside under any FDA authority, control, or santions. The citizens of the USA and world have the right to choose their church sacrements without asking permission of corporations. The last time I checked: God is above corporations and their grab for you money to "manage disease." God wants you to be strong, free and healthy! 
You may also order via the phone by calling 1-360-748-4426 with your credit card. You may even send a check, money order in  the mail and/or use Western Union to wire money for your order. 
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You order will be taken to -- for PayPal is a not for profit church association dedicated to improving the health of god's people - the human race! God wants his people to be healthy, wealthy and wise. We consider that water purifier, collodial silver water, Topical Penetrant Solution (TPS), Magnesium rub, etc. all to be church sacraments. Our bodies consist of 70% or more water so we simply purified our water, so the immune system could better do its job. As our water became purer, the symptoms of 9 years of Lyme disease were gone from our bodies. We have personally experienced a restoring of health and an improving of our immune systems by taking church sacrements.

Water Purification Drops for purifying water-- The 28% Sodium Chlorite can be "activated" by mixing it with a food acid, such as Citric Acid, lemon juice, HCl, etc. Today, The New 1000 Protocol of 50/50% Citric Acid solutions are commonly mixed with S.Chlorite at a 1:1 ratio to produce activation and it becomes Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) - a powerful, rapid water purifier.

PROTOCOL 1000: All our Citric Acid bottles are now 50% solutions to be used with a 1 drop to a 1 drop ratio for a 20 second activation time. For those who want an alternative, use lemon juice for 5:1 ratio and a 3 minute activation time. Without the food acid the natural acid content of a barrel of water will eventually activate it, but it is much too slow a process to count on it purifying your drinking water for immediate use.

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