Book: 2 Keys to Success by Herb "Roi" Richards, Taylore Vance
Book: 2 Keys to Success by Herb "Roi" Richards, Taylore Vance

Book: 2 Keys to Success by Herb "Roi" Richards, Taylore Vance

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2 Keys to Success - How to Get Rich Building Wealth

This paperback book Introduces you to a journey into attracting success and abundance into your personal life and/or business.

You will learn how to bring your dreams into reality constantly. You will see how... what you are thinking, what you are saying, how you are feeling, and what you are doing affects your prosperity at many levels. You will be given the two keys that will help attract even more good things to you. Authors

Taylore Vance and Roi Richard discovered a magical success formula consisting of two keys: exactly when and how to use them to vastly increase the income of anyone.

This is a unique, proven wealth and success path! You can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. This works for anyone regardless of your current financial circumstance; whether you are self-employed or work for someone else, you can eradicate your financial struggle.

Discover the 2 keys to success helping you to say goodbye to poverty consciousness as you learn how to get rich building wealth.

Taylore and Roi went from living in a spot in the woods to having a 22 acre million dollar ranch - The Reiki Ranch!


Oh boy – another “get rich quick” book I thought when I saw the Title. Still… something pulled me in – only “two keys”… how can that be? How right I was to buy this book. “Rich” or your definition of “Success” is only a decision away. How long does that take? Once you make the right commitment everything falls into place. In this wonderful book, Authors Herb “Roi” Richards and Taylore Vance peel away the layers to take you on a journey that has been right in front of you all along. Even More exciting, they show you some simple techniques you can implement today that will start you on the path to personal success.

Two things I loved about this book:

1) Taylore and Roi show you it takes little thought – just commitment to your own success.

2) The Authors provide a clear, interactive, step-by-step approach to designing the life of your dreams by helping you clear the way to make that commitment. This is an easy read and there are exercises throughout to help you personalize the material. Oh, and, find your joy while you are at it.

Buy this book, do the suggested exercises, implement the concepts… and there will be no stopping you!


These authors are obviously sharing proven methods bc they are living it!! Most books are written on theory, but not this one.

It is written based on the honest experiences of the two people that wrote this book. They are living the life of their dreams every single day. Learn how to step out of poverty mindset and move into an abundance mindset so that you can accomplish all your dreams and even more!!