CD: 3000 PPM CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution 4 oz
CD: 3000 PPM CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution 4 oz
CD: 3000 PPM CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution 4 oz
CD: 3000 PPM CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution 4 oz

CD: 3000 PPM CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution 4 oz

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Activated WPS Water Purification Drops Pre-mixed Formula

Fast Effective Water Purification for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors, and Emergencies

Chlorine Dioxide Solution is the safe water purifier. Water may be purified in containers other than metal. Chlorine does not combine with waste products to make poisons, like salt, which also has chlorine in its formula. Chlorine Dioxide has been proven safe for over 100 years.

Kills bacteria, viruses and cysts in water (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium).

Safe for daily use with water. It produces no toxic residues or no chlorates.
Better tasting compared to WPS or CDH.

Every bottle tested to 3000 PPM of pure Chlorine Dioxide gas, made in steam-distilled water. Made the cleanest way, by dissolving Chlorine Dioxide gas into water method.

Chlorine dioxide solution CDL / CDS 0.3% 250 ml
True 0.3% (3000 ppm) solution, according to the original recipe.

Caution: Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use!

Retention Notice

In the fridge. The shipping route does not hurt, just make sure that the bottle is below 11°C (52 degrees Fahrenheit) before opening.


When stored below 11°C, protected from light, at least 6 months. Child safety closure and originality ring.

Approvals of the product and their legally defined areas of application: drinking water disinfectants, disinfectants for the private sector, disinfectants for the food and feed sector, biocidal products for hygiene in the veterinary sector

When in daily use keep CDS chlorine dioxide solution refrigerated. It should last 4-12 weeks in the refrigerator if the lid is sealed tight. Our brown bottles can be used, safely, to freeze your CDS chlorine dioxide solution for longer storage. (We are not responsible for how you store your CDS chlorine dioxide solution).

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