Book: Teaching and Learning Made Simple Book 1 Cristy Uhl

Book: Teaching and Learning Made Simple Book 1 Cristy Uhl

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A Simple Natural Method of Teaching Children

This manual is not just about homeschooling but is a natural teaching system that releases the genius factor every child has and brings out the pure joy everyone shares of learning interesting new things. In other words, Teaching and Learning Made Simple shows you and your child how to learn anything that is interesting.

The simple, fun exercises inside give a foundation that accelerates the learning process and from these basics, anyone has a head start that goes way beyond public education, where they stuff your head with facts you may never use.

What you're doing with this manual is learning how to learn, so that any fact that interests you is yours when you want it and not before. No attention span problem here, they will go until you're too tired to teach.

It is almost like public schooling has been made boring on purpose. If you intend to give your children the advantage of personal tutoring, I'm sure you don't intend to continue the same boring methods as the public schools.

Fortunately, Cristy Uhl has your back. This teaching manual shows a whole new exciting way to teach, so the children have fun, don't have to memorize, and have the enjoyment of learning new stuff every day. 

Believe it or not, the sweet spot for a child's quick and easy learning is from 3- to 5-years-old. That's the age where we are naturally designed to quickly catch up to our tribe, so we can participate.

Sure, we continue learning, but that is when it is the quickest and easiest. 

With this manual, everyone in the family will learn to read, write, and understand without having to memorize the ABCs. 

This method is a true breakthrough in learning, whether it's done in a home school setting or a classroom with many students.


"I personally know this one family who travelled to a school where this system was being taught. Bill, the father, took his two sons to the school and since he had nothing else to do, stayed and did the exercises with them. The reason was so they could have a proper start in life, unlike himself, even though successful in international sports, he could barely read and write. I recently talked to him. He is now an expert witness in RV accidents, writes depositions, and currently has 15 active cases he is working on. He said all of that success is possible because he sat in with his two sons while they all did the simple exercises in Teaching and Learning Made Simple. His sons have high-paying jobs in electronics because that is their interest."