Book: Worms Are Killing You! Parasites Drain Your Life Force Leading to Disease and Premature Death Wayne Rowland

Book: Worms Are Killing You! Parasites Drain Your Life Force Leading to Disease and Premature Death Wayne Rowland

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Discover the shocking truth about the unseen invaders living inside your body in "Worms Are Killing You!" by Wayne Rowland. This eye-opening book reveals how parasites and worms can drain your life force, leading to disease and premature death, and offers practical solutions for reclaiming your health.

Learn how these unwanted guests enter your body through common activities and foods, and understand the surprising ways you might be exposing yourself to parasitic infections every day.

Explore the natural defenses your body has against parasites and how you can strengthen these defenses to prevent infections and maintain a healthy gut.

Uncover the reasons why modern medicine often overlooks parasites as a cause of illness, and why conventional treatments may be perpetuating the problem instead of solving it.

Understand the myriad health issues that parasites can cause, from chronic fatigue and digestive problems to mental health issues and beyond. Learn how to identify the signs of parasitic infections in your own body.

Delve into the historical practices of deworming and discover how past generations effectively dealt with parasites. Learn why these time-tested methods have been forgotten and how they can still be applied today.

Discover the powerful benefits of colloidal silver water programs in combating parasites. Learn how to implement these programs safely and effectively to cleanse your body and restore your health.

"Worms Are Killing You!" is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the hidden causes of their health problems and looking for natural, effective solutions to regain their vitality. Wayne Rowland combines personal experiences, historical insights, and practical advice to offer a comprehensive guide to eradicating parasites and reclaiming your life.

Engineer-minded shaman inventor, Wayne Rowland, faced a life-threatening industrial accident that left him at death's door. Rejecting surgeries and chemotherapy, Wayne chose to live by any means necessary, healing himself of cancers using Rife technology. Discovering his cancer - and all disease - was caused by worms and parasites, lead the creation of Silver Water Colloidal based on Rife and Tesla technologies, and a program to clear the body from parasitic invasion, including worms that are killing you.