THz Professional Therapeutic Tesla Terahertz Wand 1260W w/Flight Case
THz Professional Therapeutic Tesla Terahertz Wand 1260W w/Flight Case
THz Professional Therapeutic Tesla Terahertz Wand 1260W w/Flight Case

THz Professional Therapeutic Tesla Terahertz Wand 1260W w/Flight Case

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The Commercial Therapeutic Tesla Terahertz Wand boasts a robust 1260W of healing power and this device can be used 24/7 without having cool down periods in between due to internal thermal conditioner. This unit is built and designed for commercial therapeutic use.

Everything is Energy, Frequency & Vibrational Healing. THz Commercial Tesla Therapeutic Terahertz Wand with Tesla Violet Ray healing frequencies has a terahertz activator on the crystal cylinder inside the wand unit, blue light is created, (which has been shown to improve the taste and quality of water), infrared light, IONs and heat from the blower to enhance your water. Wand over your food or water for approximately 20 seconds to activate the great taste.

rated Voltage: 110V
rated Frequency: 50HZ
Rated Power: 1260W

Add on: Commercial custom padded carrying case available. Inquire for details.

Pure copper AC large motor, strong penetrability

Activate lazy cells and promote microcirculation metabolism Increase body yang, increase body temperature Quickly improve the human immune system and reach the affected area.

Amazing energy for plants and animals, for their food and water, as a hairdryer for stimulating hair growth, used for 20 seconds to wand your water or food, at various speeds, and the heat helps activate the terahertz frequency, along with the blue light and infrared. Terahertz Frequency is a cell balancing. If you want to know more about the "Q" Wand and its use in other countries, feel free to look on the internet under Terahertz.

Includes: Terahertz electromagnetic waves, quantum scalar energy, optical quartz, negative ion generator, and Tesla life force frequencies

This THz Commercial Therapeutic Terahertz Wand - Professional with Tesla Life Frequencies is not involved in multi-level companies. It is brought to you to have a reasonably priced unit to help improve your health and well-being. It has been created using the best resources available and optimum care. It comes with a warranty and support. Our bodies are 65 to 70% water and what we take into our bodies is strongly affected by its content.

When we drink water or any fluid it immediately goes into our system and affects how we feel and react. Drinking Terahertz water may help improve the response in your body.

Please understand that in answering questions we do not diagnose or prescribe. Still, we offer nutritional information only to help you to co-operate with your doctor or health provider in your mutual problem of building health.

If you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but we resume no responsibility.

Other qualities are used for hair loss, wrinkles, scars, and skin conditions.

We would like to see everyone have available a wand to use every day and create a vibrant, wonderful environment. We are not an MLM company,

We are a group of individuals working to help inform people of options available on concerns of their water consumption and well-being.


Do not alter skin temperature for at least 40 minutes following treatment. I.e., do not stand in front of a heater or air conditioner. Do not wash your hands with cold water or eat refrigerated food, and do not shower or wash your hair within four hours of treatment round.

Note: These devices have been upgraded with Tesla Violet Ray Healing Frequencies, installed by Wayne Rowland Laboratories in California.