ID: Lugol's Iodine Potassium Triiodide (I,KI) 5% 2-ounces

ID: Lugol's Iodine Potassium Triiodide (I,KI) 5% 2-ounces

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Lugol's Iodine Potassium Triiodide solution is intended as an "Iodine supplement" intended to be taken internally. Lugol's Iodine Potassium Triiodide is an "Iodine Supplement".

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released guidance in December 2001 on how to safely use potassium iodide. In pill or liquid form, it can help protect you during a nuclear radiation emergency.

Iodide essentially is the only form of iodine found in nature. Iodide is the ionic state of iodine, occurring when iodine forms a salt with another element such as potassium. In this form, iodide can be ingested or applied topically. The potassium iodide used in Lugol's Iodine Potassium Triiodide is extracted from an ancient underground brine mine. Iodide brine mining is the extraction of useful materials (elements, compounds) which are naturally dissolved in brine. There are only two ingredients in a traditional brine: water and salt.

Dosage: 1 to 2 drops added to (4-6 oz) drink or as directed by your health care practitioner. add a couple drops of lemon or lime juice to improve taste or 1/4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) powder.

Non-Allergenic Ingredients: Iodine isn't considered to be an allergen (something that triggers an allergic response) since it occurs naturally in the body and is actually necessary for thyroid function. However, some medications, solutions, or concentrations that contain iodine may cause a person to have an allergic reaction.

To Make an Iodine Supplement Spray: Fill 4 oz.(120ml) container with distilled water; ADD 1 to 6 maximum drops Lugol's Iodine Potassium Triiodide solution for desired ppm (parts per million). OPTIONAL: ADD 1 teaspoon lemon juice (a natural surfactant), then affix closure and shake to mix. Additional lemon juice can be added. To make a sanitizer mix 2 oz distilled water with 2 oz 100 proof vodka for a total of 4 oz. then add Lugol's solution. Or: use only vodka and no distilled water then add the Lugol's to the 4oz of vodka.

5% Iodine Solution (w/v) Hight Purity (USP)

Lugol’s Iodine (Potassium Triiodide). Composition: Pure elemental Iodine derived from natural seaweed, ancient natural underground saltwater deposits, and other pure sources. Pure potassium originally derived from Canadian potash mines. Deionized distilled water spring water and purified to 0.5 ppm. Best if used within 24 months of purchase. Store tightly sealed in a cool dark place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Contains 1200 metric drops. Total Iodine: 6.35 mg/drop. 

Listed Essential Medicine World Health Organization.

Constituents: (CAS # 12298-68-9) Elemental Iodine (I) 2.2% (w/v), Potassium Iodide (KI) 14% (w/v), Steam Distilled Water (H2O)

CAUTION: Causes skin, eye irritation. Use only as prescribed by a physician. Causes stains. Store away from light and heat.

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