MSM #2 - Organic Sulfur - 1 lb. bag
MSM #2 - Organic Sulfur - 1 lb. bag

MSM #2 - Organic Sulfur - 1 lb. bag

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Ingredients: Organic sulfur. Pure Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane also is known as Dimethyl-Sulfone. This is the Micro Pro powder without any fillers. 1 lb bag.

The world's purest and best selling MSM and the only MSM used in the  published clinical research. Others charge to $39 a pound for this same quality.


Organic Sulfur Crystal powder

99.9% Pure, Premium, Additive-Free MSM Supplement

  • White crystalline powder, Characteristic bitter taste, soluble in water. Store in a cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.
  • MSM is a source of biological sulfur. Bulk Ingredient for the , health finish product R&D, cosmetic product, or any other purpose.
  • Fresh, 1 to 2.5 years shelf life available.
  • There is not any additive or filler inside.

NOTE: Dissolve one teaspoon of crystals per 100 lbs of body weight in half a cup of hot water and drink it twice daily 12 hours apart, the  first thing of the  then 12 hrs after.


  • OptiMSM is a branded ingredient, found in many finished products at retail stores and through online sources. Only OptiMSM is premium distilled MSM, manufactured exclusively in the USA by the industry leader in MSM, Bergstrom Nutrition®.

    OptiMSM logoOptiMSM is precisely manufactured to the most stringent specifications, and third-party tested to ensure purity.


Fact: Bad bacteria cannot survive in an environment.


You can literally change your health drinking enough clean water and supplementing with sulfur. Everything from the flora in your intestines to cell regeneration is affected by oxygen.

How much water? Take your weight. Divide by 2. Drink the number of ounces of water. So let’s say you are 180 pounds. Divide by 2 = 90. So 90 ounces of purified, chlorine-free water.


8 Facts about Sulfur you may not

  1. 1. Sulfur (chemical symbol S, atomic number 16) is one of the most important trace minerals on earth (around 5th most important) and is required for food production and a healthy body.
  2. 2. Sulfur is an essential element for all life.
  3. 3. Sulfur is required to regenerate our cells and if our body lacks Sulfur then our cells deteriorate and do not regenerate in a healthy manner, hence we become sick and illnesses such as cancer and heart problems occur.
  4. 4. Since 1954 chemical fertilizers were MANDATED by the US Government. Fertilizers containing ammonium nitrates and sulfates were used by farmers since being MANDATED, however, these fertilizers lack bioavailability and appear to have broken the Sulfur cycle in those countries that use these fertilizers.
  5. 5. Since 1954 the rate of disease in the US has increased by approximately 4,000% (percent) with a resultant decline in health, wealth, mental acuity and quality of life.
  6. 6. A study referred to as "The Sulfur Study" is expected to demonstrate a connection between the lack of Sulfur and the inability of cells to regenerate in a healthy manner. Final results are expected to be released very soon, but preliminary results highlight that all modern diseases can be attributed to mineral deficiencies.
  7. 7. Diseases that never seemed to exist in our Grandparents' time now grow at an unprecedented rate and the quality of our food has been greatly diminished.
  8. 8. Our bodies comprise 4% Sulfur but do not store or make Sulfur. We should be getting the Sulfur we need from the foods we eat, however, since 1954 the use of chemical fertilizers has apparently broken the Sulfur cycle.


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