Painless Original Fast Pain Relief Spray 4 oz
Painless Original Fast Pain Relief Spray 4 oz

Painless Original Fast Pain Relief Spray 4 oz

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Painless Original Spray 4 oz.

Painless Original Spray provides prescription strength relief without harmful drugs as it penetrates to the core of the pain regardless of the cause.

Achy Muscles Relief

Arthritis pain relief also treats aching muscles, wrists, hands, knees, ankles, etc.

For Most Stubborn Pain

If you suspect pathogenetic connection to pain.

How to Use Painless Healing Spray

Spray on affected surface and surrounding area. Allow to air dry naturally before covering with clothing or going to bed. For maximum penetration, use a clean hand to rub the area slightly.

Leaves no greasy film.

Warning: Clean perfume, soap, fragrance, or anything else on skin prior to applying Painless Healing Spray to prevent mixing of healing spray with contaminants.

Painless Healing Spray is 99.99% pure deep penetrating liquid that goes right to the root of your pain in minutes.

User may experience a slight prickly feeling as it penetrates to the source of the pain. (This is considered to be a normal reaction to application.)

Some people may require increased dosage or repeated applications over time. Adjust treatment frequency and amount applied as necessary.

Organic Plant and Mineral-based Ingredients: Double ionized water, dimethyl sulfoxide, arnica

Simple three ingredient mixture minimizes the potential for side effects or allergic reaction.

Contains no inactive or preservative ingredients requiring body detoxification.

Made in America with American-sourced ingredients.

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