YT: Rus' Respiratory Rose Tincture, 4 oz.

YT: Rus' Respiratory Rose Tincture, 4 oz.

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Rus' Respiratory Rose Tincture Preparation: As a dietary supplement for prevention, take 2 droppers (2 ml) daily. Severe symptoms take 9 droppers (9 ml) daily. Add droppers in a one-ounce glass of warm water. Let alcohol dissipate for 5-10 minutes.

Also, can be taken under the tongue if desired.

Rus' Respiratory Rose products are made from Wild Rose (Rose nutkana), which are sustainably harvested from the beautiful mountains of Idaho. These elegant rose bushes are free of harmful toxins and sprays.

The manufacturing process is as delicate as the rose petal. All standard operating procedures and master manufacturing records are enforced by maintaining compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices, which are required by the FDA.

Ethnobotany (historical use by Native Americans) Wild Rose was traditionally used as a tea for chest colds, coughs, menstruation irregularity, diarrhea, labor pains, eye wash, to was and strengthen babies, and for stomach pain.