Silver Water Spray
Silver Water Spray
Silver Water Spray

Silver Water Spray

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Silver Water featured in Wayne Rowland's Clean Me Up Program. The Ultimate parasite and pathogen program that detoxifies the body completely of bugaboos you never even knew were there and are probably the cause of what ails you.

The Only Silver Ion Water

  • Invented by Wayne Rowland. Wayne Rowland, creator of the Clean Me Up Program, responsible for eliminating major and life-threatening disease and revitalizing youth.
  • Made With Tesla Technology. Rowland's impressive collection of original Tesla technology enabled him to create the process of making silver water using Tesla lightning.
  • Smallest Most Powerful Silver Particles. Rowland's Silver Water also known as Wain Water or Magic Water accomplishes more with only 3PPM silver due to smart particles.

This Silver Water is made by a technology process where the ionic / nano particles are so small that they are considered monatomic. Wayne Rowland has spent millions of dollars and 22 years on perfecting this unique process. He has hundreds of thousands of happy clients.

See Wayne Rowland's Book: Silver Water Colloidal 

Ionic Silver 3 ppm Serving Size: 1 spray

During ancient times, spiritual masters would take a silver bowl filled with pure water up a mountain where lightning would always strike during a storm, watching to see if the lightning struck the bowl, making IONIC silver water.

The water was then used in various treatments. Today, we sell the same ionic/colloidal silver water that was made by the man who built a Tesla-like lightning machine. His water is tested batch after batch and certified crystal clear and pure.

Located in Washington, this state-of-the-art facility manufactures colloidal silver in a way that is profoundly unique and is constantly being improved upon.

Silver Water is made using a technology that produces nanoparticles so small that they are considered monatomic.

Enhances the efficiency of your body's natural defense system.

Silver Water Refreshing Spray 2 ounces 

Ingredients: Purified, deionized microfiltered water and three parts per million of Silver mineral (99.999% pure). One ounce contains over nine billion electrically charged particles of Pure Silver mineral.

Silver Water refreshing spray contains structured silver wain water 3 ppm in glass bottle.