Speak to David via Phone

Speak to David via Phone

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David is a former Christian minister turned Multi-dimensional Life and Business Coach. 

Achieve Your Highest and Best

David helps others achieve their highest and best by harnessing their unique skills and abilities to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place. 

Business Consultant

He can often be found among the staff at Top Seller Best Sellers while doing business consulting, training, and counseling on-site. He is also a regular contributor to the accruing online presence. 


Author of many books, including 7 Phases of Love, and Live a Better Life Your Best Life, among others. His book, How to Deal with a Psychopath has helped many people recover healthy lives following the exploitation of predatory psychopaths. Author of 7 Day Author, David helps his clients write and publish their works in record time while establishing them as undeniable experts in their fields.  

David is available to speak to you via phone. Talk to David.

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