Stabilized Greens
Stabilized Greens
Stabilized Greens
Stabilized Greens

Stabilized Greens

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Silver Water Stabilized Greens - Amazing natural phytonutrient concentrated powder.


14 Grams Powder Contain:

Lecithin, Fine Powder_________ 2000 mg
Spirulina (Hawaiian) _________ 1000 mg
Alfalfa Juice Concentrate________700 mg
Wheat Grass Powder __________500 mg
Barley Grass Powder __________500 mg
Carrot Powder_______________500 mg
Barley Malt Powder ___________400 mg
Broccoli Powder _____________350 mg
Brown Rice Bran_____________350 mg
Apple Fiber_________________350 mg
Apple Pectin ________________300 mg
Oat Bran __________________300 mg
Chlorella Powder_____________300 mg
Red Beet Powder_____________300 mg
Panax Ginseng Root Powder _____250 mg
(Cust. Mat.)(Min. 5% Ginsenosides)
Siberian Ginseng Root Powder____100 mg
(Eleutherococcus Senticosus)
Peppermint Powder ___________150 mg
Green Tea Extract ____________100 mg
(Camelilia Sinensis)(40% Catechins)
Royal Jelly Powder____________100 mg
(Min. 5% 10-HAD)
Fructo Oligo Saccharides _______100 mg
(NutraFlora FOS)
Trace Mineral Concentrate ______ 100mg
Milk Thistle Extract ____________80 mg
(80% Silymarin)
Kelp Powder _________________50 mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract___________20 mg
(24% Ginkgo Flavoglycosides)
Grapeseed Extract _____________20 mg
(95% Polyphenols)
Bilberry Extract_______________20 mg
(25% Anthocyanidins)
Plant Based Enzymes:
Protease________________ 12500 HUT
Amylase __________________ 2500 DU
Lipase ____________________ 200 LU
Cellulase _________________500 CMC
Lactase __________________ 200 LAC
Papain ___________________ 6000 PU
Bromelain _______________ 5000 FCC
Coenzyme Q10 _______________10 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid______________10 mg
Stevia Extract ________________10 mg
Stabilized Rice Bran (in Greens  mix)
Vitamin A Carotenoids (meg/100g)
Carotene ___________________ 37.40
Ktcyoebe ____________________ 3.30
Lutein _____________________ 63.80
Zeaxanthin __________________ 18.40
Precryptoxanthin/Cryptoxanthin_____ 7.40
Total Caratenoids_____________ 129.30
Vitamin B Complex _______ (meg/100g)
Vitamin B1 ___________________ 2.70
Vitamin B2 ___________________ 0.28
Vitamin B3 __________________ 46.90
Vitamin B5 ___________________ 3.98
Vitamin B6 ___________________ 3.17
Vitamin B12 ________________<0.500
Vitamin C (mg/100g) ___________ 12.00
Vitamin E Complex (mg/100g) ____ 12.00
Tocotrlenols (T3) _____________ 13.60
Total Tocols _________________ 25.60
Other Micronutrients (mg/100g)
Folic Acid (meg/100g) __________ 26.60
Biotin (meg/100g)_____________ 14.10
Choline ___________________ 104.80
Ubisitik ___________________ 149.00
Oryzanol __________________ 245.15
Phytosterols Total ____________ 341.15
Minerals (mg/100g)
Xodium _____________________ 8.00
Potassium_________________ 1573.00
Calcium ____________________ 40.00
Magnesium_________________ 727.00
Phosphorous ______________ 1591.00
Manganese __________________ 25.00
Iron________________________ 7.70
Copper______________________ 0.27
Zinc (ppm) __________________ 5.50
Chromium (ppm) _____________<1.00
Total Sugers (g/100g) ___________ 8.09

Stabilized Greens to be used as a dietary supplement. Take one to two tablespoons daily. Net Contents: 32 oz. total weight

Take one to two tablespoons daily.

This product is a dietary supplement.

Product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Net Contents: 32 oz. total weight

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Loaded with greens, extracts, and enzymes 2 lb.tub.   Barley Grass is rich in vitamins, Wheat Grass is rich in enzymes, Green Tea is rich in catechins, Brown Rice Bran is rich in fiber, Apple Fiber is rich in fiber, Kelp is rich in iodine, Alfalfa is rich in minerals.  Barley malt powder, Broccoli powder, Oat brand, Chlorella powder, Red Beet powder, Ginseng Root powder, peppermint powder, Royal jelly, Trace Mineral concentrate, Milk Thistle extract, Ginko Biloba extract, Grape seed extract, etc.

Healthy Green smoothie mix!

Wayne’s Silver Water: Some of these include a powerful frequency enhanced Silver Water manufactured with lightning! His health advancements are built upon his Native American training and the research of revolutionary pioneers such as Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife, and Wilhelm (Rike)  Reich among others.