Book: The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium (The Updated MMS Book)

Book: The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium (The Updated MMS Book)

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Jim is not re-publishng this book. The price is crazy because of the supply and demand. Jim Humble's Book with the blue cover. Sept 2011 (c) Updated to the latest version. It contains testimonials from hundreds of happy users of MMS showing the different diseases they used MMS on, time to heal and how to take the Protocol 1000, Protocol 2000 and also the CD gas.

Jim says: "Chlorine dioxide is the most effective killer of disease germs known to man and is used in the food industry to clean up chickens, in water works, stock yards, hospital floors, and in government buildings to kill Anthrax.

Jim: When I discovered the Stabilized Oxygen often cured malaria while prospecting for gold in the Jungles of Guyana, I began to work on it to produce more chlorine dioxide. Using a stronger mixture of the same chemical I was eventually able to make it produce up to 1000 times more chlorine dioxide. It was then tested to be safe for humans." certified safe by Jim Humble.

This book has 311 pages and 30 chapters. Jim has updated all the MMS topics that were in the first book. Subjects covered are Jim's critics; safety precautions; what MMS is; many new protocols for using MMS correctly; protocols for many diseases; how to tell if MMS is working; MMS2; MMS3; animals with MMS; making MMS in your kitchen; a chemical explanation for laymen and scientists; oxidizers and how oxidation destroys pathogens; MMS, ARVs, and vaccines; methods of using MMS other than oral; the Mexican story, South African story, and Malawi story; the Genesis II Church of Health and our 237 Ministers of Health in 57 countries; MMS and drugs; and buying, using and teaching others to use MMS. If you know the information in this book, you can treat more diseases successfully than any medical doctor, and more importantly you can save lives, perhaps your own. New condition books are selling for $909.00.