THz PEMF Human Cell Charging P90 Bio Resonator Terahertz Healing Frequencies

THz PEMF Human Cell Charging P90 Bio Resonator Terahertz Healing Frequencies

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THz PEMF Human Cell Charging P90 Bio Resonator

PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) works by resonating terahertz waves with human cells at the same frequency. This activates cells, improves microcirculation, and helps the body restore health at its core. It is widely used worldwide for various clinical treatments, including diabetes, cartilage regeneration, osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory pain relief, and Parkinson’s disease. Professional athletes use PEMF to enhance endurance, restore fitness, and improve speed. Health enthusiasts also use it for daily health maintenance.

Pulse Magnetoelectric Technology Principle

Pulsed Magnetoelectric Therapy is a physical treatment that uses the earth’s natural magnetoelectric pulses to enhance the body's metabolism. Pulsed magnetoelectric energy is exchanged between living cells in our body. For example, an electroencephalogram measures the brain's pulsed magnetoelectric activity, and an electrocardiogram measures the heart's. An electrical defibrillator can also use these pulses to restart a stopped heart.

Seven Functions of Terahertz Waves

  1. Dredge the Meridians: Terahertz light waves open up the body's meridians, removing cold and dampness and balancing the body's acid-base levels, leading to disease prevention and health maintenance.

  2. Promote Blood Circulation: These waves penetrate the body, dilating blood vessels, reducing blood flow resistance and viscosity, improving microcirculation, and enhancing oxygen storage and carbon dioxide elimination. This is beneficial for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

  3. Activate Nerves and Cells: Terahertz waves boost metabolism, provide nutrients to cells, enhance energy absorption, balance cells, and activate enzymes, improving material and energy metabolism. They also help repair and strengthen damaged cells and inhibit cell mutation, effectively treating cell-related diseases.

  4. Regulate the Digestive System and Eliminate Fatigue: These waves regulate endocrine glands and organs, stimulate endorphin production, and reduce fatigue.

  5. Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Effects: Terahertz waves increase white blood cell count, providing sterilization and anti-inflammatory benefits. They also relieve pain caused by nerve tension.

  6. Purify the Body: By accelerating blood circulation, these waves help metabolize and eliminate acidic substances, making the blood more alkaline and reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.

  7. Activate Dormant Cells and Promote Metabolism: Terahertz waves activate dormant cells, remove blood waste, and enhance metabolism. They are considered one of the top ten technologies that will change the world's health in the future.

Product Description

This Quantum Science Energy treatment instrument uses Terahertz wave radiation to transmit specific electromagnetic frequencies into human tissues. The frequencies interact with cells to promote metabolism, repair, and regulation mechanisms. It is used in medical institutions, beauty salons, and personal homes.


  • Power: ≤300W
  • Work noise: ≤65dB
  • Voltage: 220V (EU plug, UK plug), 110V (US plug)
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Radiofrequency distance: 20-30cm
  • Range of use: 1st gear-100℃, 2nd gear-110℃


  • Awakens the body's absorptive capacity and relaxes muscles.
  • Strengthens healthy cells and activates dormant cells, aiding self-repair.
  • Regulates endocrine disorders and improves microcirculation, removing excess water from the body.
  • Helps open internal circulation and filter out debris.

Pulse Magnetoelectric Technology Principle (Continued)

According to Dr. Bryant Meyers in "PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health," the body emits pulse energy about 3-5 times per minute during youth, which improves blood circulation. As we age, this rate decreases, and in diabetics, it can drop to once every ten minutes. This decline contributes to complications like heart disease and diabetic neuropathy. Pulsed magnetoelectric therapy acts like a charger, helping the body obtain necessary energy.

By awakening the body's absorptive capacity, relaxing muscles, strengthening and activating cells, regulating endocrine disorders, improving microcirculation, and filtering out debris, this technology offers comprehensive health benefits.

Note: This Quantum Science Energy PEMF P90 device is often confused with the OlyLife PEMF due to its similar appearance. For an original OlyLife PEMF P90 device, CLICK HERE.