THz Powerful 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Energy Tesla Terahertz Wand Blower
THz Powerful 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Energy Tesla Terahertz Wand Blower

THz Powerful 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Energy Tesla Terahertz Wand Blower

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The newest addition to our line of Quantum Science Energy Wands. 8.0 "Q" Wand with Terahertz, Tesla Violet Ray, Blue Light, Ions, and Reiki Symbols its own carrying case and is more powerful. The longer crystal chamber is enhanced, adding a shorter cool-down period, with the ability to enrich your water by wanding increased.

It has the same warranty as our other wands. Enhanced, Enlightened, and Inspired by Tesla Violet Ray. Sale Price $499 Reg. $699


Please understand that in answering questions we do not diagnose, or prescribe but offer nutritional information and terahertz frequency findings (based on our acquired knowledge) information only to help you to co-operate with your health care provider or physician in your mutual problem of building health.

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We have added more frequencies to our products to cover a broader range. So, wand away people and enjoy life as it is meant to be.

Note: These devices have been upgraded with Tesla Violet Ray Healing Frequencies, installed by Wayne Rowland Laboratories in California.

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