THz: VIP Tesla Terahertz 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Wand
THz: VIP Tesla Terahertz 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Wand

THz: VIP Tesla Terahertz 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Wand

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The newest addition to our line of Quantum Science Energy Wands. VIP Tesla Terahertz 1200 Watt 8.0 "Q" Wand, Tesla Violet Ray healing frequencies, Blue Light, Ions, and 6th dimensional Reiki energy comes with its own carrying case and is more powerful.

The longer crystal chamber is enhanced, adding a shorter cool-down period, with the ability to enrich your water by wanding increased.

The wand offers 10 therapies with every application. This is a biomedical ‘breakthrough’ device that can treat all diseases and health conditions.

    1. Frequencies of Tesla Violet Rays*
    2. Frequencies of selected infrared healing
    3. Frequencies in the Terahertz range
    4. Vibrational frequencies of magnetic fields
    5. Energy at the quantum level
    6. Ions that are negative
    7. Frequencies of vibrational sound
    8. Frequencies of optical quartz
    9. Frequencies of selected light
    10. The soothing effect of warm air movement

It has the same warranty as our other wands. Enhanced, Enlightened, and Inspired by Tesla Violet Ray Energy. Comes with terahertz bracelet for sustaining energy levels between treatments.

* = Only models from Quantum Science Energy have the Tesla Violet Ray frequencies added.