Water Purification-7 sets with activator

Water Purification-7 sets with activator

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Seven WPD sets/kits--of the Water Purification Drops (liquid) (in a 4 oz bottle)

Ingredients:  7 bottles 4 oz of Sodium Chlorite 28%

7 bottles of activator - 50/50% citric acis food grade and distilled water

Seven bottles of Water Purification Drops - Protocol 1000 Seven bottles of citric acid activator (liquid) -full 1/4 lb. already premixed per bottle. Activates in 20 to 30 seconds NEW– We are mixing your citric acid now you can use as a 1:1 solution - also referred to as a 50/50% Seven WPD kits for 7 people at only $17.85 each (Reg price is $25 per kit) Total savings $50. We ship daily.