SW: Wayne Rowland Gut Rebuilder Kit w/Silver Water

SW: Wayne Rowland Gut Rebuilder Kit w/Silver Water

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The following is a one-month supply of Wayne Rowland's Silver products for the complete gut rebuilder program less the 6.6% Lugol's Iodine, purchased separately which is not included in this kit. Re-order this kit every month as needed. The 6.6% Lugol's iodine (purchased separately) should last for many months.

These are the original products included in the program. No instructions are included in how to use or administer the products. Wayne Rowland's instructions may be found elsewhere. 

See Wayne Rowland's Book: Silver Water Colloidal 

Kit includes 2 quarts Silver Water, (1) UltraZyme Plus, (1) Stabilized Greens, (1) pound Dulse Seaweed, (1) Ultrabiotic Plus, (1) Bio DynaZyme. 

Note: 6.6% Lugol's Iodine sold separately. 

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