THz: Wholesale Terahertz Wand - heat blower
THz: Wholesale Terahertz Wand - heat blower
THz: Wholesale Terahertz Wand - heat blower
THz: Wholesale Terahertz Wand - heat blower
THz: Wholesale Terahertz Wand - heat blower

THz: Wholesale Terahertz Wand - heat blower

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We are happy to be supplying the terahertz wand wholesale. You don’t have to be a member and we do not require a minimum order. Click here for wholesale pricing.

What can you expect from your terahertz wand?

Many people are curious about the terahertz wand and inquire about how it works, so we’d like to take this time to share with you what to expect from your terahertz wand. (Keep in mind that the following would apply only to our wholesale terahertz wand which is guaranteed to be an authorized and manufactured original and would not necessarily apply to any other imitation terahertz wand.)

Our wand generates focused heat operating at a continuous temperature of 600-700°C, which is energized to synchronize at terahertz frequency vibrating at 1 trillion hertz (1012 Hz), a perfect match for the human body. Be aware that the nozzle may reach temperatures of up to 70°, considered to be within the range of normal operation.

The terahertz frequency easily passes through protective layers of skin, permeating tissues, and can easily permeate bone and access the bone’s marrow. This presents exciting possibilities for the delivery of the frequency to specific areas of one’s physiology. One would easily be able to recognize the increased temperature of the site focused upon.

This focused heat vibrating at 1012 Hz activates the body’s cells, while increasing microcirculation and blood clarity, and most importantly, clears mutated and apoptotic/necrotic cells at the site location. In this manner the temperature at the site increases, strengthening and supporting a healthy life force in that area of the body.

There are two primary methods of that work together simultaneously.


The first is to increase the temperature. This raises the effective temperature of the bones, which activates cells and balances the cells present throughout the organs.


The other main system to effects the body is the raising of the individual’s energy production in said area. This promotes vitality and a healthful response to otherwise challenged areas of the body. Note that the effect is immediately recognizable and noteworthy.


As with any protocol, start slow and work up from there, checking your body’s response and moving up accordingly when it feels appropriate. First, try treating a specific area for one minute, and increase the duration until you reach a 20-minute treatment (which would be considered a normal treatment).

Treatment rounds should be accomplished one to two rounds per day, once in the morning, once at night. May be expanded if necessary to three rounds per day, but no more.

A normal course of treatment is considered as two weeks or 15 days. It is recommended that the body be allowed to rest for three to five days between multiple courses of treatment.

It is recommended to drink a (room temperature) glass of boiled water prior to treatment.

Allow the body to rest for at least five minutes following treatment, then follow by drinking a glass of warm water.


Do not alter skin temperature for at least 40 minutes following treatment. I.e., do not stand in front of a heater or air conditioner. Do not wash your hands with cold water or eat refrigerated food, and do not shower or wash your hair within four hours of treatment round.